About Us

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About Mont Art House 

Mont Art House is a casual gallery space showcasing the diverse works of its artist partners.


FOR THE CLIENT: We work with homeowners and designers to fill your homes and offices with works of art that are inspiring to you. Art engages the imagination – the right piece in your space can provide new opportunities for discussion, creativity, and joy. When you select an original piece of art you are bringing new life into your space AND directly supporting an artist by investing in their unique gifts and talents. Whether you’re starting a collection or an experienced buyer, Mont Art House can help you select or commission the right piece for your space. We are happy to work with you on a consulting basis or set an appointment to experience our curated selection in our Houston gallery space.


FOR THE ARTIST: At Mont Art House, we are passionate about championing our artist partners and celebrating their work. Artists who partner with Mont Art House receive loyalty from the gallery, gratitude and engagement from our collectors, and support from the encouragement of the other artists in the partnership. Our partners are based in cities across the country, working in a variety of mediums and styles, giving us a wide reach with room for everyone.


E: [email protected] | IG: @montarthouse