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Consulting & Project Management Services

Mont Art House began as a consulting-based business. The original plan was to meet clients in their home or office, help navigate the often confusing art world, and bring a custom group of work for the client to choose from. The gallery was born out of a desire for our clients to see pieces in person and better learn their own preferences in styles of artwork.


After a few years of trying different styles of pricing and packages, we are pleased to offer our clients what we think is the most straightforward and transparent process yet. More details below, but the bottom line is that we charge $325/per wall for our consulting services and $150/hour for project management services.*



$325/per proposal


What’s included?


Sara Beck (Mont Art House Consultant) leads our consulting projects.


The consulting process begins with an onsite visit (or virtual visit for our out-of-town clients), which typically lasts around one hour. We are happy to meet directly with homeowners or work alongside interior designers as a contractor.


Together we will narrow down your areas of focus, take measurements, look at artwork images together, and brainstorm the kinds of art or artists that you would like to see in your home or office. We can also help you create a budget based on the type and size of work that you would like to purchase.


After the visit, the consultant will research artwork, reach out to galleries/artists about availability, and pull artwork options together that meet the size, style, and budget requirements discussed at the consultation.


We ask our clients to give us at least 10 days, depending on the scope of the project, to design and deliver the customized proposal for your home. The document will include several options for each space that you are trying to fill (typically 5 options per space). From there, how quickly we execute the proposal is up to you.




What kinds of things does this cover?


These tasks may be completed by: Sara Beck (Mont Art House Consultant) and Bess Alford (Mont Art House Gallery Manager).


Project management differs slightly from consulting. These “art errands” could include things like:

  • Delivering or arranging delivery for a piece of artwork to your home (or your client’s home) if you don’t have time to come pick it up from the gallery.
  • Completing a framing project with one of our trusted framers. This can include delivery to/from and help with frame choice.**
  • Bringing canvases to your home to try them “on approval” in your space.
  • Coordinating a professional art hanging service to install work at your home.**


If you are an interior designer, we hope you will think of us as a subcontractor and assistant for your projects. We are happy to work within your framework and bill you or your client directly.


* If the in-home consulting process is more than you are looking for, please feel free to bring pictures and measurements of your home to the gallery. There is absolutely no fee for us to meet you in our gallery space. It would be our pleasure to guide you towards something that is the correct proportion or style for your space without visiting your home.


** We will gladly share our favorite local frame shops and art hanger’s contact information with you if you would like to take care of this step yourself.


E: [email protected] | IG: @montarthouse